Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2017 Inductee

Kenneth R. Shroyer, MD, PhD (1974)

Dr. Ken Shroyer (Central High School class 1974) is a physician/scientist.  He earned his BA at Colorado College (1978) and his MD and PhD at the University of Colorado (1983; 1987).  Dr. Shroyer invented the first method ever described to label DNA probes by non-radioactive methods and he developed novel molecular approaches to study gene expression in human tissue specimens. His research has brought together scientists from diverse fields, including biomedical informatics, biomedical engineering, molecular genetics, and molecular pharmacology to work toward the shared goals of finding more effective ways to diagnose and treat cancer.

Following over 20 years as a faculty member at the University of Colorado, Dr. Shroyer was recruited to New York in 2007, to lead the Department of Pathology in the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University.  Since that time, his team of research scientists have focused on biomarkers that predict patient survival in a wide range of cancers and have discovered previously unsuspected mechanisms through which keratin 17, a cancer "oncofilament" controls the growth of tumor cells.

Dr. Shroyer has served on numerous advisory committees, including the Chernobyl Biobank Study Section, for the National Cancer Institute and other private/government agencies and he serves as Associate Editor and as a member of the Board of Directors for various scientific journals.  Internationally recognized as a cancer research scientist, he has authored over 160 research papers and he holds patents for cancer biomarker discoveries that have been licensed as new tests to improve cancer diagnosis.

Ken lives in Setauket, a small village on the north shore of Long Island, with his wife Laurie, who is also a Professor at Stony Brook Medicine. Laurie (Winkley) Shroyer (Central High School Class of 1977) is the Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Surgery and their son Robert is currently Chief Resident in the Department of Radiology at Stony Brook Medicine.

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