Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2010 Inductee

Jessie Haver Butler (1906)

Jessie Haver Butler after a difficult childhood went to Smith College, having been told by her principal, H.M. Barrett, that it was the very best woman's college for her. After graduating from Smith in 1909, she had a varied and impressive career, including Statistician and Investigator, Massachusetts Minimum Wage Commission, 1913-1917; Investigator, U.S. Department of Labor, 1917-1919; Legislative Agent, League of Women Voters, 1920. For her job with the League she had a salary of $3500 per year, making her the highest paid woman in Washington D.C. She married Hugh Butler in 1920 and moved to London. She remained professionally active for the rest of a long life, dying in 1985.

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