Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2010 Inductee

Vince Gordon (1936)

Vince Gordon (1936) lettered in football, track and boxing at Central. After graduation he worked in the engineering department for the D&RGW railroad. He enlisted in 1942 and eventually got flight training with the Army Air Corps. He flew fighter escort for bombing runs over Germany. At war's end he was credited with four kills and several "probables," along with destroying many trains and airfields. He once saw experimental jets on the runway and destroyed one, barely getting back to England trailing protective cable from the German airfield.

He flew in precision demonstration teams, the Skyblazers and Saber Knights, predecessors of the Thunderbirds. He also flew in Vietnam. After retirement from the Air Force, he became a businessman and was once Mayor of Woodland Park. He now lives in Pueblo.

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