Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2011 Inductee

Penny Zavichas (1956)

At Central Penny was a member of the concert and marching bands, served as President of the GAA, was a member of Cats Clan, Athenians, Rifle Club and was selected as Best Girl Athlete in 1956.

Penny began to play golf in 1955 and immediately knew this to be her career. She won the Pueblo City Spring Championship in 1956. She joined the Ladies Professional Golf Association and became a teaching pro in Scottsdale, Arizona and in Palm Springs, California from 1952-1972. She earned her Class A membership status in the LPGA and her Master Professional rank in 1979. She served as head instructor at the Golf School for Seniors in Florida from 1973-1978. She owned her own golf school from 1973 to the present. Her school has been selected by Golf Magazine as a Top 25 School eight straight years.

She played approximately fifty events on the LPGA Tour. She was elected to serve on the LPGA Executive Board in 1972. In 1973 she was a member of the Jimmy Nichols Golf Show that toured military bases in the Far East and Southern Command.

Penny was voted 1973 National Teacher of the Year and twice Section Teacher of the Year. She was selected to the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame, the LPGA Teachers Hall of Fame. In 2001 she received the prestigious Ellen Griffin Rolex Award. She also carried the Olympic Torch near Steamboat Springs in 1984.

Penny has always been an active member of her church and has served as President of the St. John's Parish Council.

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