Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2011 Inductee

William "Bill" Ward (1960)

Bill attended Colorado College and received a degree in Political Science in 1964.

Enticed by the opportunity to attend law school, he headed for Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Colorado in 1967 with a Juries Doctor. As he tells it, "I loved the law but couldn't get the diesel fuel out of my blood". He joined the family trucking business in 1967.

His father died prematurely in 1970 and Bill became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ward Transport. The company hauled petroleum and chemical products in bulk throughout the Rocky Mountain region. In 1989 a London based conglomerate bought the family firm as part of a consolidation of major regional carriers in North America.

In 1991 Bill joined his longtime friend, Jerry McMorris, at NW Transport. Mr. McMorris had built the largest privately held trucking company in America. They were exhilarating years as Bill helped Jerry bring major league baseball to Colorado. They were also discouraging years of economic struggles for the business. "Both success and great challenge come from our wonderful free enterprise system," Bill says.

During his career Bill was very active in industry affairs, serving at the Chairman of the Board of American Trucking Association, National Tank Truck Carriers and the Colorado Motor Carriers.

Bill retired from business but not work in 2000. He remains committed to serving in a variety of community service roles, particularly those involving education. He served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Colorado College and Denver Seminary. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the El Pomar Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of Spencer and Julie Penrose, El Pomar distributes substantial sums each year to help the people of Colorado. Bill says, "Mr. and Mrs. Penrose wanted to make a difference. We remain committed to their goal in all we try to do."

Bill is grateful for the educational grounding he received at Central High School.

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