Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2011 Inductee

Dr. Harry Ward (1951)

Harry was an outstanding leader in medical education and public health. He excelled in his own education and medical training, then he progressed through leadership positions at medical facilities and universities, receiving numerous awards. He was a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Princeton University and earned his medical degree from the University of Colorado Medical School and was awarded the gold-headed cane.

Harry was Chief resident at Colorado University Medical School, Chief of Medicine at Denver Veterans Administration Hospital, Dean of the University of Colorado College of Medicine and Chancellor of University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

With legislative support and assistance from Governor Bill Clinton, University of Arkansas Medical services made dramatic changes in all areas during Harry's tenure. A new building was named the Harry P. Ward Tower, and the Harry P. Ward Chancellor's Chair was established. One of Harry's proudest accomplishments was the establishment of seven Area Health Education Centers in the state of Arkansas.

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