Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2011 Inductee

Edward "Ed" Orazem (1923)

Ed was an active promoter of area sports events for nearly 50 years and was among the first group inducted into the Greater Pueblo Sports Association's Hall of Fame.

He was considered the Dean of the Colorado sports editor's. He was involved in the newspaper business since the age of 12. He started as a route carrier for the Star Journal, and worked for the newspaper for 50 years, serving 48 years as the newspaper's first full time sports editor.

Ed helped with the organization of the South Central League and played a major role in bringing Western League baseball to Pueblo in 1928.

He was the business manager for the old Pueblo Dodgers when the team folded in 1959. The baseball park, Runyon Field, was to be junked, but Ed raised money to pay off a $17,000 mortgage. Then he spearheaded a move to have it deeded to Pueblo County to be used by the youth of the community. Ed was a member of the All-State Games Committee and the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.

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