Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2011 Inductee

Betty Kilfoy Gurian (1939)

Betty was the first female class president at Central in 1939. There was not another female class president until after the year 2000. Betty was active in a number of school activities and took 4 years of Latin which she said helped her throughout her life.

After graduation, Betty attended Denver University on a 4-year scholarship. She graduated with a CPA degree and moved back to Pueblo to use her skills. Unfortunately, accounting firms informed Betty that they did not hire women for CPA positions. Although she was diligent, she could not find a job in her chosen field.

Eventually she was hired as the only saleswoman in a Metropolitan Life Pueblo insurance company, becoming the top selling insurance agent for the seven years she was employed at the company. The only criticism she received from her boss was that she was too honest. Her clients told him that Betty wouldn't sell the clients insurance until they understood the difference between term and whole insurance so there wouldn't be any surprises when the client needed the insurance.

After Betty was married she moved to Chicago. When looking for a CPA job in Chicago, she was met with the same discrimination. Eventually, Betty began a temporary CPA job for a company that was willing to give her a chance to work as a CPA. Betty worked as a CPA from that time on. She moved back to Colorado and continued working as a CPA. Betty retired in 1981 but, at over 80 years of age, continues to do taxes and does bookkeeping for two companies from her home.

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