Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2012 Inductee

William "Bill" Trevithick (1950)

Bill has given a lifetime of service to Pueblo City Schools and to various volunteer activities. He and Jerry Starika won the State Tennis Championship in 1950. Bill also played halfback on two Wildcat football teams.

After a year at Pueblo Junior College, where he won the conference singles championship, he and his buddy, Frank Taulli, joined the Navy. After boot camp in San Diego and aviation electronics training in Jacksonville and Memphis he reported to the Naval Air Station in Hutchinson, Kansas. While there he taught "Long Range Navigation" to pilots and crew. He managed to play a little tennis and softball and won the 9th Naval District Championships one year.

Bill met his future wife, Frances, on a blind date while home on leave and that called for a lot of hitch-hiking from Hutchinson to Pueblo. They were married on June 7th, 1958 after he received his Bachelor's Degree. That fall he returned to Central to teach Mathematics and coach tennis after Julius Chotvacs retired. In 1969, he was awarded a National Science Foundation Academic Year grant to San Diego State College. He returned to School District 60 to become the Mathematics Curriculum Specialist and after 10 years was to become the Director of Purchasing. After 32 total years, he retired from the district.

While with the district, he served on the Board of Directors of SunWest Credit Union from 1971. He still serves on that Board and has seen the assets of the credit union grow from $6 to over $102 million. He has served on boards for the Colorado Credit Union Association, SunCorp Corporate Credit Union and the Pueblo Area Chapter of Credit Unions. In 2009, he was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Colorado Credit Union Association. SunCorp Credit Union manages deposits of $1.5 Billion for credit unions in the Mountain West.

Bill also currently serves on the Bishop's Diocesan Finance Council and is President of the Pueblo Chapter of the Nocturnal Adoration Society. The Pueblo Nocturnal Chapter is the largest chapter in the United States.

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