Pueblo Central Hall of Honor 2012 Inductee

Dan Luna (1950)

In 1950 Dan became the first Hispanic State Tennis Champion in his senior year. He graduated from the University of Colorado in 1954 with a BA in Political Science. He played tennis there also and was doubles champion with Bob Hemsberg in the Big Seven tournament in 1954. The tennis team was the first from CU in any sport to win the Big Seven championship. He did graduate work at the University of New Mexico and obtained a Certificate in Linguistics.

Dan began his teaching career at Fountain Elementary, and then came to Central from 1956 through 1959. At Central he was a volunteer assistant tennis coach and helped with the speech and debate program. He went to South when it opened – "They had new tennis courts," he said - and coached there, but temporarily ended his career in education to become the Executive Director of the Pueblo Housing Authority. There he began building single family housing units owned by the city as well as managing the Sangre de Cristo Apartments on Sprague and Prairie.

His work in Pueblo was noticed, and he was appointed by Mayor McNichols to run public housing in Denver. After several years, he resigned from that position to teach at Denver Community College until his retirement.

Always in the background was tennis, playing, but always helping others. He became a USLTA (United States Lawn Tennis Association) pro – again the first Hispanic to do so in Colorado. He became the Diversity Director for the Intermountain Tennis Association – he got to meet Arthur Ashe and Pancho Gonzales in this capacity – and was later the Colorado member on the national committee.

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